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Our History

More than 35 years ago we took on a challenge: to bring the best of our culture to Houston, to build a family restaurant where everyone feels welcome, with the recipes our mothers taught us, the kindness our friends always gave us, and the happiness that characterizes all Salvadoreans and Central Americans.

Our greatest honor is to receive Latinos who want to feel at home and relive beautiful experiences through food. However, receiving tourists and American families who have the desire to try something new and decide to give our dishes a try, is also a great pleasure.

Although the Pupusas and Mariscadas are the most popular items in our restaurants, the real stars have always been our workers. The stories we have built with our customers and the long-lasting connection we have with them is all thanks to the service of our waiters and cooks. They are truly our best image and reflection of everything we want to build.

Pupusodromo About Us

Our inspiration: Pupusas

In many towns of El Salvador, when the sun begins to set, the home or street stoves start to come to life and very soon the atmosphere is saturated with the aroma of pupusas— a popular dish that knows no social class or age, because it brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Currently, every pupusera uses corn dough as the basic material for the Pupusas de chicharrón, cheese, loroco (edible flowers), scrambled eggs and beans, which are the most common in our land. Pupusas are cooked in clay containers (the traditional one) or in sheets that can be mounted on clay or metal bases (half of a barrel). These last instruments are the most common in the pupuserias. This is due to their humble condition because in others, they have been substituted by modern griddles and stoves which are driven by propane gas or electricity. However, this does not alter the exquisite flavor of the Pupusas at all.

Pupusas are perfect at any time because they can be accompanied by a type of salad called “curtido” and typical hot drinks such as coffee or chocolate and cold drinks such as sodas, natural soft drinks, or milkshakes. Just like the best things in life, you need to taste them for yourself to discover their authentic flavor.